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SEA AIR LOGISTICS offers services all over the world with a specialized and qualified staff able to work on different fields:


For any further information please contact us, our highly professional staff will be at your disposal to provide guidance and recommend the method of delivery that best suits your needs.

icon Air Services

Global Shipping Services by Air throughout the world and for all the different kinds of goods.We guarantee any destination worldwide in import and export, with special reference to China, South Korea, United States, Turkey, Japan, Taiwan.We follow each transport phase ensuring the best service in transparency and effectiveness.

icon Sea Services

The Sea Shipping Service includes the use of special and appropriate transport in order to assure faster and secure services at competitive costs too.Special departments manage all the customs formalities which concern the Customs Clearance, the goods Insurance and every kind of visa request, giving assistance to the customer on each service stage.

icon Land Services

The Land Transport includes almost all the main european destinations.We carry full loading and transports of any type of goods out, starting from the High fashion, through foodstuffs and to leather, supported by our cooperators which are able to follow each shipping stage, giving detailed information about all the different requests. Main destinations of the European Countries:

icon Logistic Services

All the managing and logistic processes are integrated with our distribution network system: in order to offer faster transports and to assure the best transparency, efficiency and quality of our services too. We are able to optimize the storage, the transit and the distribution of goods, to propose an efficient and competitive logistic service in economic terms.We offer personalized service, tailored to customer needs, organizing deliveries in the days and hours required.

Customs Storage Service, with goods stocking possibility.

We follow and solve all the bureaucratic problems: Intrastat form compiling and presentation.

We are provided with a department specialized in managing all the necessary documents that are requested to carry our services out. Our staff provides, compiles and then presents to the appropriate office all the forms that are necessary to carry the Customs Clearance formalities out, on the respect of all the current Laws. Moreover our staff compiles the Customs documents and estimates the Customs taxes and duties too.

On costumerís request, all the goods which are shipped with us are ďAll RiskĒ insured, in order to offer a secure, efficient and transparent service. As established by the current Laws, we stipulate the Insurance covering, depending on the transport type: by Land, Sea or Air. Moreover, are also available insurances which may be studied around the customerís requests.

With our dedication, teamwork and our values, we are for our clients a serious and reliable partner, able to increase their competitive capacity.